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Asphalt 9 Club Race Update -Everything you need to know

asphalt 9 club race update

Since the release of A9, there has been growing interest in the game and its unique features like club system where you can create your own club with up to 20 members and get rewards for reputations you accumulate participating in multiplayer seasons, but one major feature that Asphalt 9 lacked was that club members couldn’t challenge other members in the same club for fun. But Asphalt 9 fans are not hopeless, Gameloft has announced its first ever update for Asphalt 9 since its launch which will bring a host of new features.

The new Asphalt 9 Club Race Update will introduce Club Race Mode, one of the most requested features. You will be able to race against your friends in your club on any of the 70 official tracks. This new feature is going to intensify the fight between club members to show off their skills on these tracks and will help new players and club members improve their skills in multiplayer seasons. It is going to be an update that most of the Asphalt 9 players will greatly appreciate.

The new features are not over yet, the update will also bring new cars and career seasons with 20 unique challenges. The catch is you will have to unlock new Lotus Elise Sprint 220 that is going to be introduced with this update, to get the new career seasons unlocked. The update will also add Ferrari J50.

Gameloft has also worked on tweaking multiplayer reward system, especially Legend league reward. With this update, you will be able to get more rewards for rising up the ranks of legend leaderboard.  And there will also be daily goals offering you more rewards for completing simple tasks.

Gameloft has also managed to find a solution for grievances of those who own cars like Aventador SV Coupe, VLF Force 1 V10. These cars were not apparently performing well on the tracks based on its rank, and this update is going to boost their stats to better align with their ranks. The cars in the category also include Corvette Grand Sport, Ferrari F12tdf and Lamborghini Egoista. Now you will be able to get more nitro when drifting.

Last but not least, the update will also add customizable Tap-to-steer controls.

What do you think about the new update? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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