Asphalt 9 Tune It Update; Everything You Need TO Know

Gameloft has finally released yet another update for Asphalt 9 Legends and this time comes with a few new and interesting features along with 4 new cars. It seems like Gameloft is working hard to make the game even more exciting and competitive in the racing game category.

The new update is called Tune It Up Update and as the name suggests the game brings new features that lets you customize select cars’ body parts. It looks like Gameloft is still experimenting these features and should be available for more cars in the coming months. As of now body customization is only available for Lancer and AMG GT S.

The update also brings new camera angles in the garage and bright background which gives you better look as you customize the cars. Now you can also tint car glass and offers more wheel and tyre choices.

Since the club update, this has been one of the exciting updates when it come to features and customization and clearly indicates what the game could look like in the near future. Many gamers could find Asphalt 9 as great alternative to NFS or even better considering its size and the fact that its free and available on all major platforms.

The update also brings four new cars, which include a Class D TVR Griffith, Class C Arrinera Hussarya 33, Class B Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Class S McLaren Senna. The new cars could be owned by participating in special events or car hunt riot event. After the Jesko event, next special event should be for McLaren Senna followed by an event for Zenvo.

I think the Game has lived up to the expectations so far, when it comes to features and graphics. However, we can only hope next special event be a decent one unlike the complete pay to win Jesko event. What do you guys think about the new update and features. Leave your thoughts in the comment below.