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Asphalt 9 Full Throttle Update: Everything You Need To Know

Ever since the released of Asphalt 9 we have got several updates with new features, cars and tracks but seem this festival season is going to be even more special for those who played A8 before. Gameloft is releasing a new update called Full Throttle Update with lots of new cars, features and a track.

The update is gonna hit Dec 18 and the most exciting thing about the update is the new track Nevada, first introduced in Asphalt 8 could be one of your favorite tracks if you have ever played Asphalt 8 and the new track is coming with a touch of graphical enhancements for the power of new generation devices.

Apart from the new track, the Full throttle update also brings several new cars and a new career season called Full Throttle.

The cars include class D BMW i8 Roadster, Class B Apollo IE, class A Peugeot Onyx and Citroen GT and the  next s class king the black Car aka Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

And if you are emoji fan, other than new track and cars, the update also brings some enhancements and features. With this new update, you will no longer need to use mouse to trigger an emoji, the update has added shortcut keys so you can toggle or trigger them as you race with a touch of a button.

The update has also added 6 new tracks options for the club races. And to unlock the green lizard, you can participate in Drive Syndicate on Dec 18th when the update is released.

Gameloft has added several features and goodies since the release of the game and have managed to make Asphalt 9 one of the best arcade racing games regardless of the platforms, even though the game is widely criticized for being pay to win. So what do you think about the new update? leave your thoughts below.

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