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Toshiba Shape-Shifting Concept PC CES 2014 0

Toshiba Shape-Shifting Concept PC displayed at CES 2014

There are convertible tablets, laptops and hybrid devices like Padfone , but there are also some bizarre ones, at least from Toshiba  called “Shape-shifting Concept PC”, which has been showcased at the CES 2014....

Acer Chromebook C720P-2600; Specs and Price 0

Acer to release Chromebook C720P-2600; Specs and Price

Acer has finally unveiled its new series ahead of CES 2014.  Acer  has added yet another notebook for Chromebook lovers, named Acer Chromebook C720P-2600. People using Chromebook are increasing day by day and Acer...

Dell Chromebook 11 0

Dell announces Chromebook 11; Specs and Price

Finally Dell is also entering into the Chromebook battle field. The company has announced its first Chromebook named Dell Chromebook 11. The device is specially focused on education and measures 11.6 inch. The device...