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Sony PlayStation Vita on Pre-order at Amazon and Best Buy; Starting Price $249.99 0

Will the Sony Vita Bring New Life to Mobile Gaming?

In Latin and Italian, the word “Vita” means “life,” and is the term given to biographies of important historical figures. Sony is attempting to bring life into its mobile gaming division with the introduction...

Playstation Network(PSN) back online now 0

Playstation Network(PSN) back online now?

PlayStation Network’s gaming, music and video services will be turned back on worldwide this week. The company took the PSN offline over an “illegal and unauthorized intrusion” that compromised personal information from its massive...


Sony PSP 3001 E Handheld Gaming Console heads to FCC

Last week, Sony announced the world about their plans to cease production of PSPGo and concentrate on the new next generation handheld gaming console. At the same time, the Japanese company has confirmed it...