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Reddit Ask Me Anything iOS App 0

Reddit launches Ask Me Anything App for iOS

Reddit is one of the popular social media and user-promoted content aggregator with millions of users. Unfortunate that there hasn’t been a mobile application for its popular Q&A session. It is shame that a...

Skype technological changes improves overall user Experience 0

Skype technological changes imrpove overall user Experience

Finally Skype has revealed upcoming improvements and tweaking to its software. The update aims to improve overall experience and the way average consumers utilizes its services on mobile devices such smartphones and tablets, which...

Skype launches Free WiFi Service in UK and Ireland 0

Skype launches Free WiFi Service in UK and Ireland

Skype is expanding its network worldwide, growing demand for WiFi and VoiP services, Skype has partnered with London-based Wicoms for Free Skype WiFi,  which will let you log-in any participating places across UK. The...