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MeegoPad T08 Windows mini PC has a built-in Porjector 0

MeegoPad T08 Windows mini PC has a built-in Projector

The Chinese company MeeGoPad has launched a new model called the MeegoPad T08, a tiny desktop computer powered by an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor and running on Windows 10. And you get a built-in projector that can be handy...

MIT's Autonomous drone can evade obstacles flying at 30mph 0

MIT’s autonomous Drone can evade Obstacles flying at 30mph

Autonomous car, autonomous pods, why not autonomous drone? Yes that is what researcher Andrew Barry, a PhD student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence have come up with. He  launched an autonomous drone fitted with a sophisticated obstacle-detection system...

How to access Windows Phone from PC 0

How to control Windows Mobile Phone from PC

Windows and Windows Phone devices are perfect pair and lets you sync your files and apps and access them remotely. However, there can be instances that you don’t want to take your hands off...