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Among Us: How to Setup/ Use CrewLink Proximity Chat & Server on PC

among us proximity chat crewlink installation guide

Among us is the new online gaming craze, gamers regardless of their taste do play Among us. However, Among Us is better with voice chat and one feature the game lacked was this voice option unlike many other multiplayer games out there. As a work around gamers were using discord voice channels to stay connected and communicate with other crewmates and impostors while playing. But what if you don’t have a discord account or don’t want to use the app just for this game? You will have to find out other way around.

Crew Link is a small application which enables voice chat between Among Us players in a lobby and no need of discord or any other apps for that anymore. The developer of Among Us finally has officially announced that the game will support CrewLink mod for PC and you can install it with few clicks and server adjustment in the app. Once everything is set, you launch the app, and launch the game from the CrewLink app window. If you have installed Among us from Steam, the CrewLink app will automatically launch the game from Steam and connect the players with the same mod and show other players’ name and color of characters.

It’s really great app if you want to play with your friends, just get your friends install it and start playing and fun never ends. The video below show you how to install and use the CrewLink Among Us Proximity Chat on PC.

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