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How to run Android apps on Chromebook (Chrome APK Packager)

How to run Android apps on Chrome OS, Chrome APK Packager

Wondering how to run an Android app on your Chromebook? Well, there are already a few apps that support Chrome OS, but majority of Android apps can’t run on Chrome OS . You may know that Google is planning to work with app developers to bring Android apps to Chroms OS devices. Interestingly, an unofficial Chrome OS-APK tool can help you get through this process that will convert any Android apps into Chrome OS compatible.

The Android apps that officially support Chrome OS include Duolingo, Evernote, Vine, and Sight Words.

However, you may want more apps that can run on your Chrome OS, so the tool can be handy. To convert an Android app into something that runs on Chrome OS, first install the APK Packager on your smartphone and it will come up with a bunch of apps running on your Android device. Choose the app you want to convert and hit the “Generate Chrome APK” button that will bring up Android apps that can run on Chrome OS. Make sure you have the ARChon runtime for Chrome installed.

Note that the tool is not supported by Google and you install it at your own risk. As the tool is still a work in progress, some Android app may not work. But it gives you an easier way to convert Android app to run on Chromebook or PC.


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