How to Make YouTube Shorts On PC | Adobe Premiere Pro

Socialmedia has evolved over the time, while Facebook and YouTube holding the biggest position among socialmedia sites, platforms like TikTok has made its own reputation among youngsters, Unlike Facebook and YouTube, TikTok enabled users create shortest video clips and go viral on its platforms and have millions of followers, and all what a user need to create such video is phone with selfie or rear camera. Users from other platforms continued to flow to TikTok and to prevent such flow and keep users or attract more users platforms like YouTube and Facebook had to adapt TikTok strategy that is where new features like YouTube Shorts are born.

Now if you are wondering how to create YouTube shorts, its as easy as you create TikTok videos, open the YouTube app and tap the Plus icon and capture video up to 60 seconds for shorts and share. There you go its as easy as that, but what if you don’t want to create videos on your mobile,  want want to make or convert videos into YouTube shorts on pc instead, that can be viewed vertically?

If you have a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can make YouTube shorts on PC in a few clicks and render high quality YouTube shorts. You can create shorts from any of the video you have already rendered and upload it to YouTube and watch it as YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts can attract more views as shorts are random videos unlike other YouTube video recommendations you get on usual YouTube page.

Check out the video below, that shows you how to make YouTube shorts on PC Adobe Premiere Pro, this tricks can be applied on any other video editing applications.