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Prevent Windows 10 from auto updating and turn on Notification

Disable Windows 10 auto update

Over a million people have upgraded to Windows 10 from its upgrade panel and early response have definitely been positive. The Windows 10 is amalgamation of both Windows 7 & 8 and both users must love Windows 10. However, Microsoft is force updating the OS and has completely removed the update-related options from its setting and control panel, which would in previous versions let you choose your updates or even prevent the OS from checking for update. Many people are concerned about Microsoft’s move because this can also cause trouble in the future and some update may even bring in some bugs causing some serious issue to your system and may even prevent you from working.

So those who are aware of this Microsoft updates might be wondering how to disable Windows 10 auto update. Microsoft hasn’t completely removed update-related functionality and features. However an average Windows 10 users may not be aware of the feature hidden deep down in the OS. Microsoft is trying its best to keep its users updated by removing the feature from the settings panel. This can be both good and bad. You get updates and new features as soon as Microsoft rolls out while that can also cause problems, so you may want to make sure the update doesn’t come with any other bugs before you update your system.

To disable or make Windows notify you about new updates, you need to access Windows Group Policy Editor. The video below walks you through the process. just follow the steps and you will get your Windows 10 system stop auto-updating. You can also completely disable Windows 10 update if you want. However, I would recommend that you enable “notify for download and notify for install” thus Windows 10 will inform you when a new update is available and ask you to download instead of auto updating.


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