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How to Install Redux 1.9 on GTA 5 | Make GTA 5 Look Realistic With 4K Texture | 2021

How to install GTA 5 Redux Mod 1.9 | 4K Visual & Gaming Mod

It’s been long 7 years since the release of GTA 5 but the game is still one of the most selling titles. However, as an RPG with huge potential, gamers around the world have always found a way around the game to modify its features, hence the birth of Mods aka modification. There have been thousands of mods available for the game since the release and one of the most demanding one is the scripts that overhaul visual and overall gaming and graphical experience and taking it to next level. Redux Mod is one of the best mods out there for GTA 5 which brings major improvements to GTA V in the following areas.

* Weather
* Textures
* Effects
* Reshade + ENB

Game Enhancements
* Police System
* Weapons, Melee, Explosions & Damage
* Population, Random Events & Pedestrian Ai
* Vehicles
* Ragdoll, Euphoria, Physics

and more…

If you are looking for a mod that revamps overall look and feel of the game, Redux 1.9 is definitely one to consider. The video below walks you through the installation of Redux mod for GTA 5.

How to install GTA 5 Redux Mod | 4K Visual & Gaming Mod | Works on Both Epic Games And Steam

GTA 5 Redux Benchmark in Ultra Graphics | Trevor The Nuts With His Laferrari & His Toys | TechPrezzYT

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