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How to setup / use OBS to live stream from your PC to Facebook Gameroom or Page

OBS to Facebook Live
Live streaming is a thing now, and there are several online services and social media sites that let you live-stream from your mobile devices to computer screens. Facebook is one of the most leading social media platforms that lets its users live stream from their device with a click of a button. However, some of you might be wondering how to stream from your PC to Facebook profile, page or even Facebook’s Gameroom, a new service that Facebook launched a while ago for its gaming community.

Good news is that streaming from your PC is much easier than before. Any PC with a decent specs under the hood and software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) can live-stream. The video below walks you through step by step process on live-streaming to Facebook profile, page or Facebook Gameroom from PC. You can stream anything from particular window for instance, a gaming window or the desktop itself.


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