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How to use Steering Wheel on GTA 5 | 2021 | Manual Transmission 5

How to setup steering wheel on gta 5-installation and configuration guide-2020

GTA 5 is not a simple RPG, for racing enthusiasts it’s a racing game if not complete sim racing. But those who love driving cars around the city will definitely find GTA 5 with manual transmission mod an amazing experience. GTA V with mods has huge potential and you decide what or which car or vehicle you wanna drive. However, there is catch, for a real life experience you need a steering wheel and pedal support as well as manual transmission, unfortunately GTA 5 by default doesn’t support steering wheel although the vehicles in the game is built with all the necessary systems, but you are stuck with keyboard or controller, this is where mods come into play. With a simple mod, you can turn GTA 5 into a racing heaven and drive any vehicles you want using your steering wheel, that could be Logitech G29 / G920 or Thrustmaster.  And force-feedback that the game offers with this system is pretty decent and with the latest mod updates it has got a lot better and you can feel the car on your hand whether your tearing up tough terrain or smooth road.

The video below shows you how to configure and use your steering wheel on GTA 5. You can use this guide to setup and configure steering wheel on any platforms, whether it is PS4, XBox, PC and steam version of GTA 5 or Epic Games version of the GTA 5.

How to setup and use Steering Wheel on GTA 5 – Logitech G29 / G920


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