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How to use WhatsApp and other Android Apps on Windows PC and Mac

How to use WhatsApp and Other Android Apps on PC and Mac

WhatsApp is a great application to stay connected with our friends and families on the go and share things. Everything comes free if you have a smartphone. But what if you are on your Windows desktop PC or laptops or your Mac and you don’t want to switch between devices to check your new messages and shares from WhatsApp community and friends? especially if you are working on a project on your laptop or desktop or Mac, things can get a bit nasty and annoying that you can’t check notifications and new messages from WhatsApp on your Windows devices. Well things have changed a lot and it is an old story that you needed a smartphone to use WhatsApp and this is where BlueStacks App Player comes into play.

BlueStacks launched back in 2011 is a free Android emulator software that runs on both Windows devices and Mac. As an Android emulator, the app can actually run any of your favorite Android apps on your PC running Windows. The BlueStacks App Player for Windows actually works better on Windows 8 ( not Windows RT )because Android is touch-screen optimized software so is the Windows 8. However, despite a bit odds in translating touch controls to mouse-and-keyboard setups the software also works fine on Windows 7 and older version of Windows devices with keyboard and mouse.

To start using WhatsApps as well as your favorite Android apps on PC or Mac, install the BlueStacks App Player and follow the steps below.

Download BlueStacks app player.

The installation processes has two stages. After completing the download and installation process, the application automatically acquires some program files it requires from database. It will take a few minutes.

Sign into Google Play Store with your Gmail a/c.

For downloading WhatsApp or any other android app from Play Store, you need to sign into the Play Store with your Google a/c. You can do this via BlueStacks application itself. Once you are done, the app will walk you through settings, it is actually self explanatory.

Note that sometimes, especially if you are on desktop with keyboard, numerical keys on the right side of the keyboard may not work fine, in this case, you need to use numerical keys at the top raw of the keyboard.

Download WhatsApp from Play Store.

You are required to download and install WhatsApp application from PlayStore just like you do on your smartphones. The home page of the BlueStacks software contains a shortcut to the download page of WhatsApp application from PlayStore. Just follow the link.

Verification of your phone number.

After installing the WhatsApps on BlueStack App Player, load the app and WhatsApp messenger will prompt you to give your phone number. Enter the number and the app will send a one time SMS message to verify your phone number. Just give your number and wait for 5 minutes. You will receive a confirmation code through SMS which you will need later. The automatic verification of whatsapp messenger will fail after 5 minutes. Don’t worry, just type the verification code you got on the next page of manual verification process of WhatsApp ( no need to use “call to verify” feature). And it will help you confirm your mobile number and activate your WhatsApp a/c. After the verification process, you can use your a/c on your computer. And you can add contacts manually in case they are no available.

So hope everything went well. happy WhatsApping!


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