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Windows 10 File History: Set up External Drive to auto backup Files and Folders

Windows 10 File History : How to Auto Backup Files and Folders to External Hard Drive
Windows has offered a feature called File History for a while in order to set up a backup drive but in Windows 10 setting up an external hard drive for File History backup is much easier.

File History clones the files and folders that you have included in the system to the drive of your choice. Once set up, Windows will take care of your files and folders. You can include and exclude files and folders on File History.

In Windows 10, you can now set up File History via Windows 10 Settings app instead of Control Panel. Just launch the Settings App (Win key + I ) > Update & Security > Backup.

The video below walks you through the complete process of setting up an external hard drive via Windows 10 File History.


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