Windows 10: How to reduce RAM usage and Speed up your PC

There are several reasons why a PC slows down in performance and response, some are obvious while others are not and needed to be observed for all the possible reasons. An aging PC may slow down due to lack of enough RAM memory or older drivers consuming lots of memory on your PC.

Sometimes the only way you could get over this issue is to add more RAM to your system. However, there can be some instances in which you couldn’t add more RAM to the system due to some restrictions like chipset not supporting more than it was configured for or other reasons like lack of RAM slot to your chipset. In this case you may have to find other way around and get your PC work as smooth as possible. Good news is that there are several tweaking you could try on your Windows PC to boost the performance and response time.

The video below walks you through these settings and tricks to speed up your Windows PC.

Source: Reduce RAM usage & Speed up your PC

Watch the entire video and tell us if it helped you reduce the RAM usage of your PC.

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