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Sony PSP 3001 E Handheld Gaming Console heads to FCC

Last week, Sony announced the world about their plans to cease production of PSPGo and concentrate on the new next generation handheld gaming console. At the same time, the Japanese company has confirmed it...

PSP 2 or Sony NGP Europe Release Confirmed on November 11 0

Sony NGP(PSP2) Europe Release Date on November 11

NGP Sony announced its handheld gaming device earlier this year, finally laying to rest many rumors to the reality of a new piece of technology that basically can be encapsulated as “PlayStation 3 on...

Sony PSP gets Price cut; now available for $130 0

Sony PSP gets Price cut; now available for $130

Sony’s PlayStatio Portable has started get a price slash, As of today the price of the device has been dropped $130 in the USA. In Australia the device is selling at Harvey Norman for...