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Infographic : The Evolution of Microsoft Office 0

Infographic : The Evolution of Microsoft Office

When you think of word processors, spread sheet documents, and presentations what is the most likely thing you’re going to think of? It’s probably Microsoft Office. The all-in-one package has been the number one...

Windows 10 90-Day Trial Release 0

Microsoft releases Windows 10 90-Day trial Version

Microsoft launched its most anticipated OS Windows 10 yesterday. Jumping on the bandwagon 14 million people or so have already installed Windows 10. As expected, the update from Windows 7  or Windows 8 /...

Reddit Ask Me Anything iOS App 0

Reddit launches Ask Me Anything App for iOS

Reddit is one of the popular social media and user-promoted content aggregator with millions of users. Unfortunate that there hasn’t been a mobile application for its popular Q&A session. It is shame that a...

Amazing Android Apps for Travelers 0

Amazing Android Apps for Travelers

Technology has developed a lot in last few years to facilitate the mankind. This is the basic reason based on which you will easily find countless gadgets and electronic devices in the market, which...