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Kmart History 0

Kmart History

Kmart, sometimes styled as “K-Mart,” is a chain of large discount stores. Sears bought the chain in 2005, forming a new company under the name of Sears Holdings Corporation. The company was founded in...

Toyota Prius Recall 2011 - This time on Safety Issues 0

Toyota Prius Recall 2011; this time on Safety Issues

Toyota Prius will recall again. Recalling Prius had officially announced by Toyota on Wednesday, June 1, 2011. It is the oluntary global safety recall of 106,000 vehicles, including 52,000 Prius models sold in the...

Apple prepping to release new iMac Desktops soon? 0

Apple prepping to release new iMac Desktops?

Since the availability of  iMac and iMac components are getting constrained, It’s rumored that the Apple miht be updating its iMac Desktop soon. According to Mac specific website www.9to5mac.com, Apple has limited the supplies for...